The business world is complex and always changing. At White & Lewis, we aim to add value to the service we offer by also sharing thought leadership and opinions on hot-button business and valuation topics, events and news. Here is what we have to say!

Preliminary Thoughts on Income and Valuation Family Law Issues Arising from COVID-19

How long will the virus and the shut-down of the world last? When will the economy recover? What are the financial implications for family law? Although valuators are great at making assumptions, we don’t have all of the answers. There are a few key issues that affect many of our ...
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Family Law: Should corporate losses be attributed to a shareholder’s income for support purposes?

Should corporate losses be attributed to a shareholder's income for support purposes? And, how should dividends from a private company be reflected in income? The recent case of V.O.E. v. L.L.E. 2018 CarswellAlta 2751 (Alta. Q.B.) highlights two important issues in determining income for shareholders of private companies.

Free CPD Opportunity for Legal Professionals

White & Lewis is proud to announce the launch of our 2019-2020 CPD program calendar for legal professionals! Our accounting and finance courses are designed to be communicated to lawyers, law clerks, and paralegal professionals. Learn the financial skills necessary to become a better advocate for your client.

All ...
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AI & Forensic Accounting

Recently, a lawyer called me with an urgent request. “Brandon, can you trace funds through four different bank accounts over a seven year period and let us know what the money was used for?” This type of request was familiar to me – tracing of excluded property for purposes of ...
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Paula White Valuations Inc. is now White & Lewis

We are excited to announce the launch of our firm's new name, White & Lewis, along with our new brand identity. With an analytical and objective view in financial valuation and litigation matters that comes from years of experience, we strive to put forward financial knowledge that adds value and ...
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