We strive to put forward financial knowledge that adds value and delivers results efficiently.

We provide assistance and advice at every stage of the process, including:

    • planning
    • information requests and document production
    • participation in and assistance with questionings
    • preliminary estimates of value, damages, lost profits, etc.
    • reports for settlement discussions, mediations, arbitrations and trial
    • participation in settlement meetings and assistance with settlement agreements
    • assistance with examination and cross-examination planning
    • attendance at mediations, arbitrations and court
    • all aspects of business sale and acquisition

Business Valuation

Whether you are involved with a commercial or family law dispute, purchase or sale of a business, tax planning initiative, financing, private equity matter, or shareholder/partnership buyout or dispute, we are equipped to understand the complexities of each business. We apply a tailored approach and methodology that is unique to each situation. We approach every valuation with the utmost rigour and thoughtfulness. We understand what drives value.

Family Law

We specialize in the valuation of assets and liabilities (and related contingent taxes) for purposes of the equalization of net family property, and in the determination of income for spousal and child support. We bring a long history of varied experience to provide high quality work in an efficient and effective manner.

Litigation Support

We assist our clients and legal counsel by providing damage quantification and accounting-of-profits analyses. Whether there’s been a breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, expropriation, business interruption claim, negligence or any other commercial legal situation requiring financial analysis, we assist our clients in achieving the best result.

Forensic Accounting

We provide forensic accounting services to assist our clients with complex financial investigations. We assist management, legal counsel, boards of directors and other third parties with fraud investigations of internal (management, employees, etc.) or external parties (contractors, suppliers, etc.). We have experience in funds tracing, sources and uses of funds analyses, and other sophisticated forensic techniques.

Estate & Succession Planning

As professionals with experience in personal and corporate valuation and litigation work, we are uniquely suited to assisting with key financial issues that arise in estate and succession planning. We provide valuation service for purposes of an estate freeze or other similar reorganizations and tax planning scenarios.

Financial Advisory

Selling a business, growing a business’s footprint through acquisition, or looking to raise capital requires more than technical skills alone. We provide our clients with the strategic financial advice they need to realize their goals.